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This is amazing; the fact that this is traditional makes it even more! I love the fearless use of bright and bold colors, it really catches the eye, and the compositional flow from the man's arm, to the teacup, to the woman really helps direct visual flow. I think otherwise it might be difficult to follow the action: the contrast between the background and foreground elements could be varied a bit more.

Everything in the piece seems to get an equal amount of attention and wonderful detail, which is gorgeous, but it also has the problem of shifting focus away from the main elements of the piece. However, you have partly solved that problem by giving the main characters thicker lineart, which helps a lot. I think pushing the trees back a bit by reducing the amount of detail and the richness of the color would help as well.

I also agree with what the other critquers said about her face/jawline. I think all you would have to do is give her more of a jaw by extending the jawline lower. In order to see this more clearly, just flip the canvas horizontally. You'll see it a lot easier that way; it always works for me!

Overall, this is a stunningly gorgeous piece, and I applaud you for going with the traditional version, it has much more richness and character! Your textures are wonderful and your design choices are as well. I especially love the added detail of the birdcages, and the railing of the balcony. Beautiful work, and congrats on the DD, it was well-deserved!
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firedaemon Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2012  Professional Filmographer
Thank you for the well thought out critique.
In particular, the lack of contrast between the different elements is probably one of the weaker parts of my art as a whole that I need to work to improve.
I'm glad that you enjoyed the piece though and hopefully I'll be able to work and improve on the points you've raised in future pieces :)
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